A Partnership between The Music Link and Nine Mile Creek Senior Living
Students participating in the Piano Pals Program will be paired with a Nine Mile Creek(NMC) resident
who shares a common interest in music education. Our goal in offering  lessons at NMC is to build community
friendships and bridge generations through a love of music.  The resident will provide encouragement and
support to the student whereas the student will exhibit their desire to learn to play the piano to the resident.
Your resident Piano Pal will sit in on your actual lesson.  They will not be directly involved during the lesson
but supportive.  Fifteen minutes before or after your lesson, students and residents will visit each week
in the fireside lounge and have a snack/beverage time. This is a one-on-one time where you will get
acquainted with each other (parents are asked to be present during visits also).  The resident becomes
like an adoptive grandparent and a mentor. Performance opportunities will be held in the Event Center at NMC
for families and friends of the student on a regular basis.  When you perform in recitals, your Piano Pal will be
honored and recognized.  We hope you will join us in this partnership linking seniors with youth through music.  
Feel free to call Mary Linker with questions at 952.831.4014.  
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