The Music Link
                             Program Information for Bloomington Students

1.      Students of any ability level age seven through adult are welcome.

2.      Private, thirty-minute music lessons are $23.00 each and meet once a week.
   Please arrive promptly for your lesson as students are generally scheduled before
   and after your time slot.

3.      We are a continuous program September through May. You may register anytime
   throughout the school year. We also have a six week summer program available.

4.      Payment coupon booklets and confirmation letters will be mailed to your home before
   the start of lessons. Payment is due in advance on the first day of each month.

5.     We follow the Bloomington Schools‛ calendar. If there is no school in Bloomington,
   there are no music lessons on that given day.

6.     We have reserved a specific time slot for you each week. When school is in session,
   you are charged for that time even if you are unable to attend.

7.     If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact your teacher 24 hours in advance.
   We try to be reasonable with scheduling options, if available.

8.     Your teacher will supply a practice record book with weekly assignments. Please
   take time each week to review your lesson plans.

9.     Your music books can be purchased at either Groth Music in Bloomington
   or Schmitt Music in Edina.

10.    Please communicate directly with your teacher regarding your expectations for
   your child in this program. Let us know if there are any special needs that we should
   be made aware of.

11.     We ask for a two week notice if you find it is necessary to leave our program
   before the end of the school year.

12.    Students should have an instrument at home (i.e. a piano or keyboard) for
   practice and progress.

13.    We offer a year-end recital in May. Please consider participating in this wonderful
   performing opportunity.

 Professional Teachers, Affordable Rates, and Convenient Neighborhood Locations               

       Thank you for choosing The Music Link as your school of music!